Colloques, workshops

Dear colleagues,

we kindly invite you to attend the miniworkshop CPR1 entitled

« Molecular liquids under micro/mesoporous confinement »

organized in the frame of the ‘Journées de la Matière Condensée (JMC)’, at Grenoble 27-31 August 2018.

Abstracts for an oral or a poster contribution can be submitted on the conference website before 15 April 2018.

Looking forward to meeting you soon at Grenoble.
The organizers: Denis Morineau (IPR, Rennes), Sandrine Lyonnard (SYMMES, Grenoble), Jean-Marc Zanotti (LLB, Gif-sur-Yvette), Joël Puibasset (ICMN, Orléans)

Dear colleagues,

a mini-colloquium devoted to neutron scattering is organised
this year as part of the Journées de la Matière Condensée (Grenoble, 27-31 August 2018):

« La diffusion neutronique : de l’état de l’art aux nouvelles sources »

Its goal is to present a panoply of recent neutron scattering studies but equally
to introduce to the scientific community in France the up-coming changes in the European neutron
scattering landscape, centred on the progress at the ESS (European Spallation Source).

We warmly encourage you and your students to submit contributions to this mini-colloquium,
via the JMC website, before the 15th April 2018.

Looking forward to seeing you in Grenoble,

Frederic Ott (LLB, Saclay),
Natalie Malikova (PHENIX, Sorbonne University, Paris)
Claire Colin (Institut Néel, Grenoble)